Are all Macadamia Beauty products vegan?

All Macadamia products are 100% Vegan.

Are you still sulfate and paraben free? I don’t see these claims on the label anymore.

All Macadamia Beauty products brands are paraben and sulfate free. These claims were completed and removed from the labels in 2022. This effort was in response to outside global regulation banning the use of free from claims for ingredients that have been found safe for use in cosmetic products.

Are your products safe for Keratin treated hair?

All Macadamia Beauty products are sulfate free; however, our shampoos may contain sodium chloride as an ingredient of other active ingredients. Some have the opinion that salt may diminish the effect of keratin. Sodium chloride is not intentionally added to our formulations.

Are your products Protein-free?

Macadamia Beauty products may contain plant derived proteins.

Are your products Salt-free?

Macadamia Beauty shampoos may contain sodium chloride as an ingredient of other active ingredients. Sodium chloride is not intentionally added to our formulations.

Does your product contain Collagen?

The collagen found in Macadamia Beauty products is vegetable derived.

Does Macadamia Beauty LLC test on animals?

Macadamia Beauty does not test our finished products nor raw materials on animals. We are cruelty-free certified under PETA’s Global Beauty without Bunnies program.

Where is the expiration date for your product?

The shelf life of our products exceeds 30 months, therefore, we convey a Period After Opening (PAO) time span. Period after opening (PAO) refers to the amount of time a product will remain stable and safe for human use after it has first been opened. The time period is represented as a number of months, followed by the letter "M".

Can your product be used for children?

Macadamia Beauty products are safe for all ages. As with any hair product not designed specifically for children, please refrain from getting it in their eyes as they cause irritation.

Macadamia is a nut, so what about people with nut allergies and allergic reactions?"

The Macadamia “nut” is actually a seed, not a nut. It belongs to the Proteaceae family, which is classified separately from most other tree nuts and from peanuts. Allergens are less common in this family compared to other tree nuts or peanuts. The oil from the Macadamia “nut” may cause a reaction in select few people with Macadamia-specific sensitizations. Additionally, the primary allergen found in Macadamia oil is only present in raw and roasted extracts. To date there have been zero reports of Macadamia Beauty products causing allergic reactions in those suffering from nut allergies.

We recommend people who have nut allergies to err on the side of caution and perform a self-patch test before use:

1. Apply a small amount of product to elbow, wrist or neck

2. Cover with a bandage and wait 24hrs

3. If no reaction occurs, you should be safe to use the product.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 if you are still unsure

Where can I purchase Macadamia Products?

Find them at Sally, Amazon, JCPenney, and other major outlets In-Store.

Are Macadamia Beauty products California Prop 65 compliant?

Macadamia Beauty is California Prop 65 compliant.