Hot Curling Boar Brushes Perfect for longer and thicker hair. Great for creating volume at the roots, designing body, whether straightening or creating curl.

Boar/Nylon Tunnel Vent The tunnel vent brush allows air flow to circulate at root level, speeding up blow drying time.

Boar Paddle Brush Perfect for longer thicker hair. Excellent for detangling, scalp manipulation and to create a naturally smooth straight finish.

No Tangle Styler Brush

The No Tangle Brush utilizes a unique “flex bristle” design that gently diffuses tangles and knots, painlessly and safely detangling your hair. The remarkable bristles eliminate pulling, split-ends and breakage.

The No Tangle brush is so gentle that cuticle damage is minimized, helping protect the vibrancy, shine and longevity of color treated hair.


Healing Oil Infused Comb

Our unique comb blends our Healing Oil Treatment with a specially formulated resin for a detangler infused with our special oil.

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