No Tangle Pre-Styler

No Tangle Pre-Styler moisturizes hair and effortlessly eliminates tangles on contact.

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  • No Tangle Pre-Styler


  • Does Macadamia Natural Oil test on animals? No, Macadamia Natural Oil does not test any of its products on animals.  We are a cruelty-free line of products across the board.

  • Macadamia is a nut, so what about people with nut allergies and allergic reactions? Contrary to common belief, the Macadamia “nut” is actually a seed, not a nut at all.  It belongs to the Proteaceae family, which are classified separately from most other tree nuts and from peanuts.  Allergens are less common than in other tree nuts or peanuts.  The oil from the Macadamia “nut” may cause a reaction the select few people with Macadamia-specific sensitizations, but even then it depends on the method of processing.  The 17.4 dDa protein which is the primary allergen is only present in raw and roasted extracts. We have done extensive allergy testing and the conclusion, based on this and the fact that there have been zero reports of any incidents, is that the Macadamia Natural Oil products do not cause allergic reactions even in those suffering from nut allergies.  We do recommend, however, for those people who have nut allergies, to err on the side of caution and rub a small amount of the Healing Oil Treatment on the skin to test.