Macadamia Tree Planting Marks Partnership with OK Farms

July 31, 2012

Macadamia Natural Oil and CEO John Fasan made a recent trip to Olson-Keolanui (OK) Farms in Hawaii to solidify an important new business partnership. Macadamia nut oil was the driving force behind the inspiration and planning that initiated the partnership. At the core of Macadamia Natural Oil’s mission is a commitment to preserving the environment and its precious resources, namely, the macadamia nut. In a nutshell, Macadamia Natural Oil produces professional hair care products using key ingredients such as macadamia nut and argan seed oils. It was only natural to go to straight to the source to give back.

The focus of the philanthropic trip was not only to break bread - er, macadamia nuts - with OK Farms co-owners Ed Olson and Troy Keolanui, but together to plant macadamia nut trees. “Because Macadamia [Natural Oil] sells worldwide...we feel we should give back. If we take from the earth, we’re going to give back to the earth,” Fasan said. Hamakua Macadami Nut Company president, Richard Schnitzler, and Japanese distributor, Dalia Incorporated’s, Takaki Shinichi, completed the partnership.

Fasan and Shinichi, accompanied by six Dalia associates, made the trek to OK Farms to plant 10 macadamia nut saplings, each three-and-a-half feet tall, among the thriving macadamia nut tree orchard. The orchard sits on thousands of acres of land owned by Ed Olson Trust. “We should be coming in every year to see how [the trees] grow. I know they’re in good hands with Troy [Keolanui],” Fasan said. Following the symbolic macadamia nut tree planting, the group enjoyed a gourmet lunch with macadamia nuts as the centerpiece.

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